Our Search Process

We take a measured and calculated approach to each assignment - our search process is thorough, complete and personal:

  • We begin by defining with our client what the opportunities, challenges and responsibilities are of the position.  In addition, we also determine the top goals a candidate needs to achieve in order to be considered successful in this role.
  • We then proactively contact potential candidates and assess each one in regards to their achievements and how they match the tasks required to be successful in our client's position.  Key attributes such as competency, accomplishments, motivation, leadership skills, technical capabilities and expectations are discussed.
  • Should a candidate meet the right criteria, their CV will be presented with a summary of our discussion/evaluation as well as all compensation information.
  • We are involved in all aspects of scheduling interviews and making sure that all steps in the process move forward in a timely fashion.  This also includes prepping the candidate and making sure they have all the information they need prior to an interview.
  • Most importantly, we become an integral part of the offer process by managing the candidate's expectations and making sure that both parties (candidate and client) come to a mutually acceptable agreement.  Once and offer is agreed upon, we support on-boarding and assist in the transitioning process for the candidate with an emphasis on making sure everything happens in an appropriate timeframe.